Education costs
more than just tuition

Flywire has partnered with EBIXCASH! Now you can pay funds from India to the United States or Canada for your education related living expenses ... right to a student bank account!

With Flywire & EBIXCASH:

  • The ease of sending funds to a student's bank account at great rates;
  • The convenience of paying online, from the comfort of your home; *
  • The collection of TCS and GST, as applicable, along with your funds to be transferred so that you only need to make the payment once.

*Offline documentation may be required for compliance purposes

It’s easy to pay funds to a student bank account with Flywire and EBIXCASH.


Choose payment amount

Decide how much you wish to send for your education-related expenses


Provide details

Enter your personal details & payment info


Make payment

Receive your payment instructions then send payment via your preferred method


Track & confirm

Track & confirm payment

Ready to send your funds?

Flywire has partnered with EBIXCASH World Money Limited, Flywire’s regulated partner in India, to provide the underlying services to the payer.