Flywire’s Ultimate Guide for Students Studying Abroad: How to have a great start to a successful semester

There is a lot more to higher education than spending 17 hours a week in a library. College is a unique experience for every student, especially for international students. Even though studying abroad opens a wide range of opportunities for adventure and learning, students may feel overwhelmed when juggling many responsibilities and making decisions. At Flywire, we’ve narrowed down 10 unsolicited tips on how to have a great start to a semester for international students.

1. Time Management is Key to Success: Plan Schedules Ahead of Time

Timing is everything. Time management is one of the biggest lessons students can learn in college. Students should maintain a healthy balance between coursework, extracurricular activities, and self-care practices for a healthy school lifestyle. Furthermore, by staying organized, students can avoid missing important dates such as rent and other due dates.

2. Get Involved on Campus

Being involved on campus is an excellent way for students to meet new people while truly engaging in campus culture, especially for first-year students. Students who are looking for lifelong friends should consider joining a student organization with like-minded peers. Additionally, this will give students who study away from home a sense of belonging.

3. Utilize Campus Resources

Campus resources, such as gyms, career counselors, and health services (including mental health care), are among the benefits schools offer. During your time at school, take advantage of such resources on campus to help you succeed.

4. Attend All Classes

Preparing school supplies and class materials in advance contributes to meaningful learning. With Flywire & EBIXCASH, students can send funds from India to the U.S. or Canada and pay for school supplies and textbooks.

5. Meet Professors During Office Hours

Professors can be intimidating at times. Most students do not realize, however, how approachable professors are. Students should spend time getting to know their professors since they will be an integral part of their future networks.

6. Consult with Academic Advisors Regularly

Many students tend to overlook the importance of academic advisors during their time at school. Similar to professors, academic advisors are some of the most resourceful people on campus. Academic advisors can assist students who have questions throughout their journey to graduation.

7. Stick with a Budget

Studying abroad offers many exciting opportunities, but it is crucial to develop a budget and stick to it. When planning a budget, students should take into account living expenses and the unforeseen expenses a student may incur while settling into their new home. After students learn their monthly budget, Flywire & EBIXCASH can help students send money from India to a bank account in the U.S. or Canada.

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8. Explore Your Surroundings and Find Your Passion

Studying away from home is the perfect way to travel and discover new places. It is also an excellent time for students to explore their surroundings and find their passions. Visit places outside of school, whether it is for food, events, or spontaneous hangouts.

Got transportation fees? Add it to the budget plan (refer to tip #7).

9. Eat Right, Get Enough Sleep, and Don’t Forget to Exercise

There isn’t enough time in a day when studying, taking classes, making friends, and working. When students have a busy schedule, it is essential to remember to take care of themselves because this can prevent illness/sickness and burnout in the long run.

10. Ask Questions

At school, students are in a safe environment to ask questions if they are unsure. On-campus, students have access to people and resources to guide and support them throughout their pursuit of success. Besides, by asking questions, students will learn so much more!

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