Every international student should use Flywire. My experience proves why.

Sauptik Saha
Sauptik Saha is Payment Growth Intern

As an international student from India, I came to the United States for the first time in 2017. It had been my dream for the longest time to be able to study at university in the U.S., and I was finally transforming my dream into reality. Right after I was accepted, I had to pay tuition and other expenses related to my education. With the complications and problems that followed while trying to make these payments, I realized the importance of having an easy way to send funds from India to the U.S.

During my student orientation, I opened my first official U.S. bank account but was not given much information as to how to send and receive money into that account from India. Also, the student loan company paid my college tuition, but there were other expenses that I was soon going to incur just by living in the U.S., like rent, food, and of course, transportation. Although variable, these costs are often recurring and important. It always used to be a huge effort to coordinate with my family on when they would send funds and when I would receive them, and there were important expense commitments that needed to be met. I would have to wait for the money without any tracking information as to where that money was. It was overwhelming, and my family and I always wished there was a better solution for sending money from India to the U.S.

Sauptik and his friends

After completing four years of college, I wanted to work for a company that would help me improve the U.S. college experience for International Students from India. Coincidentally, this past summer, I was lucky enough to get an internship with Flywire. Flywire’s solution allows students like me to make cross-border payments with ease and affordability; thus, removing the uncertainty and stress of money transfer from students and their families.

I was so excited when I was put on a project to fix the exact issues that I was having with international transfers. Honestly, transferring funds can be quick and easy, given you choose the easiest way. Flywire’s mission is to help process the most important and complex payments, and it’s new Student Expenses Solution does just that. This solution (in partnership with EbixCash) enables the seamless, trackable transfer of funds from India to the U.S. and Canada, and I wish it were around during my time at university. Nevertheless, this solution gives the entire Flywire team immense joy and excitement for all the incoming and current students and their families from India who will experience the ease of cross-border transfers without worrying!

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